Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Energy Bar Insight

Did you hear? There's a great new blog in town - http://blog.usoutdoor.com/!

That's right, there's no "www." You've got to be in the know to read this one.

Hop on over to see a brilliant writer's take on Energy Bars!
You'll love it!


  1. I like the lemon Luna bars the best.

  2. Its a fight between taste buds and brain. The healthy taste of a Luna bar or a snickers. Brain wants health buds want snickers.

  3. Ooooooo! Lemon Luna! That's sounds wonderful Olive, a nice break from chocolate for sure!

    And seriously, I'd have to check out the nutrition facts, but a snicker bar can't have that many more calories than some of those "nutrition bars." Many of those energy bars are seriously fatty!