about . . . me

I grew up in Alaska hiking in the Chugach range, fishing for salmon in a secret location that I'd never reveal, and roughing it all summer in a rustic lake cabin without plumbing or power. I loved it!

Since then I have become a wife and mother,

freelance writer for http://www.usoutdoor.com/, D'lish, Willamette Woman Magazine, Statesman Journal and more, founder of EVIE'S CANDIES, finalist on THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW'S "Hey, Can You Cook?! 3,"

fitness instructor,

finalist on Comcast SportsNet Northwest's "WANTED: Adventure Host," host of Comcast Sportsnet's "The Scoop," basketball coach, middle school Bible teacher, and on and on and on.

Living in Oregon's Willamette Valley, everyday I am inspired to get out and explore the outdoors,

and cook!

The abundance of hazelnut groves, blackberry brambles, pear orchards, blueberry patches, vineyards, and more is enough to make anyone's mouth water! Fresh air and food fuse here into one big recipe for healthy living.

FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD, a recipe for healthy living.