Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nectarine Fool!

“DESSERT!” screamed my kids as they bolted in from the backyard. The most efficient way to get them out of the sprinkler and into the house, which just happens to be the first step in our bedtime ritual, is to yell, “Time for dessert.”

Since Ryan is usually the bedtime guy, I don’t usually bother throwing out the dessert card. But tonight he is out with the guys, so a sugary bribe seems in order.

In a flash they are sitting at the table, mouths watering, and Josephine is asks, “What is it?”

“Nectarine Fool!” You gasp? Before you think I am a verbally abusive mother or just have an affinity for Mr. T impressions, let me explain. A fool is a dessert – basically a whipped cream parfait.

So when Ryan comes home and asks me, “How was your evening?” I’ll just have to tell him, “Great Fool!”

I don’t think I’ll explain it to him either. That’ll teach him to abandon me to put the kids to bed on my own . . . er . . . I mean . . . miss my fantastic 5 minute summer desserts.

Nectarine Fool!
A dessert so easy, it leaves more time for sprinkler running and bicylce riding.
“I pitty da poe’ foo’ can’t figure this recipe out!” – Mr. T ala Lindsey

2 cup whipping cream
4 nectarines
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract

1. Cut around nectarine, top to bottom, and twist so one half comes off of pit. Slice both sides and repeat on each nectarine.

2. Whip cream.

3. To assemble fool, layer nectarines and whipped cream into a cup or dish, nectarines, then whipped cream, nectarines, and finally whipped cream.

Easy Peasy Foo’

Serves 4

Clean Freak? Sub yogurt for whipped cream, still delish!

(This recipe is easily halved, like we did tonight, if you need your kids to eat quick and get to bed so you can start your movie.)

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