Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stop Trying Tuesday

Yep, “Try it Tuesday” has evolved this week. It may be the sunny warm breeze on the back patio. It might be the burnout from potlucks and cooking classes last weekend. Maybe it’s all the leftovers in my fridge. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m a procrastinator with a growling tummy.

Whatever it is, I don’t want to “Try” anything. I just want to throw a platter of fresh fruit, cheese, and leftovers on a tray. Sound good? Sounds great!

Why even share something so elementary? Because there are a few sensational leftovers that just happened to be in my fridge ready to come together into a cold warm-evening-on-the-back-patio supper.

1. Melon and Goat cheese. I was never a huge fan of goat cheese ‘til I had it with honeydew. I’m telling you, the two-transform each other! You can’t even imagine the bliss until you taste it!
2. Bocconcini can make even the simplest pasta into a delish dish that good enough for entertaining. Bocconcini are balls of fresh mozzarella and is especially good when marinated in herbed oil. Save the oil to toss with whole-wheat pasta add basil, tomato, and a dash of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. So good. So easy!
3. Canned chicken and grapes are perfect together when it’s too hot to cook. Add some sort of dressing (mayo, ranch, olive oil and vinegar, whatever), crunch (finely chopped celery, water chestnuts, even toasted walnuts, pecan, or cashews), green onion (cause everything needs green onion to taste complete), and if you have some parsley on hand, throw it in. Voila - chicken salad that you can spoon into a lettuce leaf, plop on top of a salad, pile in a sandwich, serve with crackers, roll up in a tortilla wrap, etc.
4. Cucumber. Just cucumber. . . or sub whatever veggie your kids will eat. My trump vegetable just happens to be cucumber so it surfaces a lot. It just seems summery too doesn’t it?
5. Lemonade with frozen berries. I just happened to have frozen blueberries. This is another family favorite that’s not only tasty but pretty-party worthy.

There are other patio staples but these are the players that just happened to jump onto the platter tonight.

Try it Tuesday guilt? Gone. Dinner was fabulous.

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