Saturday, July 24, 2010

A few of my favorite summer things . . .

I'm trying to ignore the "back to school" banners at Target. With my oldest child, a first grader, going into full-day full-blown school I'm beginging a new meditation regime. Join me - pour yourself a glass of iced-something, find a warm, breezy spot in the shade, close your eyes, and imagine a few of your favorite summery things. Here goes . . .

Early morning sun streaming through the windows

Listening in on what radio station the person in the next car playing, then trying to find it on my dial (more fun than you'd think)

Grilled fruit with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Fresh Tomatoes and basil from the backyard garden

Frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate

Sending the kids out in their undies to play in the sprinkler

Running through the sprinkler myself


Breezy sun dresses

Spontaneously jumping in cleanish looking lakes and rivers (my car isn't air conditioned)


Thursday night races in Bush Park

Warm evenings on the patio with a cup of affogatto (vanilla ice cream with fresh espresso poured over the top)

Air drying my hair and using sunglasses as a headband so I don't have to straighten my bangs

Sitting on the curb with a popsicle

Enjoying shade

Days spent at the pool

Trout (catching, cooking, eating)

Flip flops

Freckles on my kids' noses

Camping, campfires, and smores

Watering my garden early in the morning


Taking a nap under a breezy window

Berries and stonefruit

Your turn . . . what are a few of your favorite summer things?


  1. I'm a little late here but this is something I love about summer: the whirrr of a revolving fan or water cooler takes me back to being a little girl in west Texas in the summertime...makes me absolutely drown in nostalgia! Thanks for a great blog, Lindsey! I'm adding a link to it on my webpage for others to enjoy!

  2. The fan is a new one for me - didn't really need 'em in Alaska but those stuffy dorms at North Dakota State University will forever own the sound of a fan in my mind. Thanks Val!