Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swedish Redemption

 First things first - if you want to see my plans for Project Food Blog's Challenge #3: Lux Dinner Party, you've gotta click this link and vote. Thank you wonderful readers! And thank you for getting me through to round two. I owe all my ulcers to you! Now you can read on . . .

After the Lutefisk debacle (totally expected), life went on. Thank goodness we ate outside to keep the rotten fish smell out of the house.

One problem, I didn't clean the cutting board right away.

Why would that be a problem? Bees love fish. And since Lutefisk is fishy-fish on steroids, bees started bouncing off our windows trying to get into my kitchen. Two got in. Good thing I pride myself on catching flying bugs! Seriously, I'm quick like lighting when it comes to winged insects. It's part of the curriculum when you grow up in Alaska - land of mosquitos.

Turns out, I'm not just quick when it comes to catching bugs. My legs are like lightening! No kidding.

I am a runner who hasn't run on a consistent basis for almost three years due to the lack of a third seat in my running stroller.

So I took up fitness instructing - free childcare, workout, money. Three birds with one stone. I still run here and there but not exclusively like before.

Wanting to see if I still had "it," I entered a 5K that took place this last weekend. Guess what, I got it!

Second place that is! Oh yeah.

Although that could have a lot to do with the fact that there were only about 30 people in the race and a good amount of those were walkers.

No matter. There is something about having a medal hung around your neck that makes you feel like a champ.

Afterwards, my wonderful family decided to take me out to breakfast. Running and pancakes go together like . . . running and pancakes. Original Pancake house here we come.

I love Orginal Pancake House not only because of the cute little cups and saucers, or the oh-so-attractive server uniforms.

It's the Swedish Pancakes!
Okay Scandinavia, you are getting a second chance for a culinary comeback. Thin and lacey. Eggy and chewy. More substancial and flavorful than a mere crepe for this medal winning runner. 

The lingonberry sauce was tart and tasty. Portions? Perfection. I tend to eat what is on my plate - all of it. So when a restaurant doesn't over-do on quantity, it is a big plus in my book.

Swedish pancakes will be visiting my skillet shortly. Stay tuned.


  1. Lindsey, I must say, I shared your horror when reading your last adventure! I just wish I could vote for you MORE than once! Glad you enjoyed your sweet (Swede) redemption. :)

  2. So I've been sitting here debating all morning if I have enough energy to go running and work on my possibly jinxing plans for PFB round #3. Your post has tipped me over the edge. I'll do it - I'll go running. I know I always feel better afterwords, but alas, the motivation is always my issue.

  3. Not a big fish fan but you had me at pancakes :)